Inland Trucking & Customs Brokerage

We carry all your shipments from door to door, door to port or port to port, with most economic and competitive rates.

Our Customs Brokerage team at TNM is well trained how to apply customs procedure for each kind of import/export shipment then on time processing or offer to Customer/Partner which is the best kind of customs declaration in each detail case.

There are self-operated customs brokers at major ports in Vietnam to provide customers with convenient, safe and fast services such as customs declaration, inspection declaration, order adjustment, customs clearance, and dock pick-up of import and export goods.

Arrange special customs declaration personnel for special customs declaration and inspection for LCL goods entering the customs supervision warehouse; at the same time, provide customers with professional customs declaration knowledge consultation for free;

Provide import and export business agency services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and handle various trade documents for import and export goods: such as commodity inspection customs clearance form, certificate of origin (FORMA, C/O), fumigation certificate, etc.

Also, choose TNM, you will enjoy the lowest trucking charge and available room thanks to our close link with big trucker & trailer company here.